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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  September 5, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the hot water in three buildings has been shut off as the city installs these filtration systems to rid the contamination. a spokesman told me it would be all hands on deck to restore the systems with the goal of getting the hot water turned back on by the weekend. officials say the water is safe to drink. >> you can drink the water, yes, u can take showers. wes.'ve identified some of the preliminary testing. you are safe. >> and for some south bronx residents who have heard about leg legionella over and over they find no reason to panic. >> reporter: that's a big message from officials. if you feel sick, go to the hospital. right now there's one person who lives here at the melrose houses at the hospital being treated but it's unclear whether they contracted the back teria bacteria. today in new york.
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a man who allegedly shot at police officers and led them on a foot chase is in the hospital and in police custody. this happened yesterday morning in brooklyn. the suspect, 27-year-old harris was wanting for a previous shooting. a gun fight broke out and police shot harris in the leg. he was taken to the hospital and listed in stable condition. a lot of residents talk about the gun fire going off in their neighborhood. six officers were treated for ringing in their ears. >> pylice need your help to find a man who abused a woman in a park. this man assaulted a 22-year-old woman last night after he befriended her later in the day. if you have any information about his pie identity, call police. th is man assaulted an officer inside a store at union square.
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when three officers went to the store to arrestt them, he punched one of them during a struggle. he was able to escape and two of the officers were treated at the hospital. >> on a holiday weekend when parks will be parked with visitors, a frightening situation situation, a tree falls. >> knocked to the ground, cell phone video shows the moments just after a tree snapped crashing down on top of a crowded park. >> we heard a big boom. it was like something collapsed or something literally was like an explosion. >> people ran for cover. >> some were screaming. people just tried to get out of the way. >> some never saw it coming. >> there were people sitting down in chairs and people with their backs to it couldn't see and a couple of people couldn't get out of the way.
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player lying on his stomach. >> when he did see where to go an -d was face down. >> five peo e were taken to the hospital including thiifs woman pinned by the tree i . witnesses say her arm appeared to be broken. >> they told her, you're going to be okay. you're going to be okay. >> tree failures are nothing new. two months ago 8-9-year-old boys were hurt when a branch fell in their playground. the manager says they monitor 600 trees throughout the city. the trees in the park a e managed by a private accompany. the five people hurt suffered minor injuries. the trees here are managed by a private accompany. we reached out to them for a comment and have not heard back. the parks department said they're investigating why the
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>> another fallen tree injured a plumbing contractor. this in connecticut. he remains hospitalized this morning. he suffered very serious injuries. this happened on benjamin street. police working with the city's department to see what happened. >> meanwhile, rutgers taking the field without some of their players. four prs facing charges for an assault back in april and another one. they say it's a black eyfor the program starting their seaond season in the big 10. >> statten ons island will have games.
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there were allegations of bullying and hazing surfaced. however, the games scheduled this weekend are still postponed. not clear why the principal lifted the suspension. to brady finally weighing in on deflate gate for the first time. late last night the patriot's arterback apologized on facebook. he said sorry you had to endure this. we have all lost. now, in nfl suspended brady for letting air out of the patriot's footballs. thanks to the judge's ovnoerturning of the suspension brady opens the new season at home thursday night against the pittsburgh steelers and the nfl is appealing the judge's
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>> ia you have not yet joined thes mas on the roads for the weekend, lower gas prices might make you change your mind. motorist save $1.4 billion. this is according to aaas travel forecast, more than 35 million of you are planning to travel 50 miles away from home and most will be driving. i actually saw gas $1.93 a gallon. >> stop. >> it wasn't a name brand, if yo mu will, but $1.93 a gallon and people were in line. >> lining up. >> yes, sir. still to come, where a popular restaurant with puerto rican flair will soon be calling home. >> and a pope inspired pizza to mark the historic visit. >> looks good. pat, i saw the picture you posted. very exciting. it was $2.60 when i pulled up.
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the weather will not disappoint for your labor day holiday weekend. we're heating things up. take a look at that time details
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the mets are in danger of losing a game and intense moments for serena williams in queens. >> john chandler has those stories and more in sports. >> good morning everybody. they replace their home run leader with greg burn. last night, golden opportunity in that playoff race to close in on toronto atop the al east. yankees needed a little bit of muscle to get going.
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a two run shot. yankees on the run first. they gave up three hits on the night. that a-rod home run 24th this year. then in the seventh burn sames i need in on that action. the rookies fourth and the yanks three hits were all homers. with the jay's losing, the bombers pull a half game out of first place in the al east. also, yankees star wednesday against the orioles. meanwhile, the jets are locked in and the ace wants to pitch. suppose to address it later today. on the field last night battled back through miami. curtis coming home on the bat. his 11th home with the mets. they jump out to a 4-3 lead.
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kelly johnson to right center. we're tied at five. marlins walk off a 6-5 win. the u.s. open last night, serena williams dropped the first set. she had all she could handle from fellow american and took the first set 6-3. reaching out and lobing over christina's head flashing with the fans saying let's go, i'm in this and serena said no, you're not. serena took the second set, swept the third and she takes another step towards the slam.
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friday the giants traded for steelers steelers. exceptional. remember, super bowl xlvi the patriots inside. he was so good some thought he was the mvp. this was a tough call for tom cough lin. they call him an exceptional human being. syracuse beat rhode island 17-0 to start their 2015 campaign as we're starting college football. rutgers kicking off today at noon. enjoy your first saturday of college football, everybody. for today in new york. i'm john chandler. >> all right. raphael is here with a look at the forecast and what a beautiful morning it is. >> feels good outside. compared to the past few muggy mornings, we've had a clear, much better feel outside. get outside and enjoy it, when we're done, of course, don't jump the gun and you want to spend time outside when the sun comes out.
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temperatures back to the 80s. warm for the beaches and pools but not as oppressive as it has been. the heat wave ended yesterday. we were in the 80s and in the 90s. we'll see it in the 7-day forecast. 68 degrees and we have partly cloudy skies right now. nice, quiet weather making the get away. mostly clear skies from the hudson valley down the jersey shore. temperatures in the 50s. 59 in salisburg. temperatures in the 50s and 60s in danbury. cooler for you in the hamptons. 56 degrees. you'll get beach weather going later on today. here's a look at your weekend forecast day by day. great grilling day. low humidity, fun in the sun and still comfortable up to 85
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through the next three days. then the heat returns labor day monday. you're going to notice the heat and humidity clicking up. it's going to get comfortable. raies taking on the yanks 8:00. temperatures stay in the low 80s throughout the game. here's a look at future tracker. nice and quiet. this is what we like to see on a saturday. high pressure in control at 11:00. lots of sunshine through the afternoon and evening. tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. sunday and also another dry start there. great day along the jersey shore and also across long island. have to watch out for rip currents. could see rip currents especially for the jersey shore later on today. 81 degrees and less muggy. feels great and lots of sunshine all day long. mostly clear skies and a nice comfortable night ahead. 50s north and west of town. take a look at the temperature
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low 80s today and back to 90 labor at a. labor day. the heat and humidity building. it looks like we're cooling down again. still temperatures trending well above average. 90s and 80s. want to stay up to date with the changes coming our way. tap the news 4 app in the corner. scroll down and select the weather tab. you can see the interactive radar and how to submit your own weather radio. it's free. carrie and pat, over to you. all right raphael, thank you. a famous midtown eatery is moving
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>> this is a public fairs communication. >> the popular celebrity spa has a new home in manhattan along the hudson river. >> congratulations on your new place. you're now at river bank state park. tell me about the new space. >> we have a terrific new space overlooking the george washington bridge. it's 10,000 square feet. >> a lot bigger. we have a patio, ballet seven days a week. we can finally get out. we have extensive space to do garage raduations and weddings. >> your food is always the star of latin cuisine. a little bit of a twist and speaking of that, our first dish is something maybe if we're going for brunch and you want to
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>> this is our pina colada french toast. >> wonderful. consumers want their latin cuisine with a nice, healthy twist. >> this is the cal marry salad. you have the sweet ginger. >> chef, i've always loed your plan take. tell me about this one here. >> beef, chicken and we have our mojeto. it's nice and the water. >> since you're on the water, do you have more?
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the restaurant but this is like here we have the salmon and garlic mashed potatoes. >> i love mashed potatoes. i'm a freak over mashed potatoes. >> >>. >> who would think you could get ham and roast pork in a sushi roll? >> please, i invite you and the audience. it's a very sexy place with our sexy food. >> always.
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>> when you come you'll be happy. >> that i know for sure. angela angela, give people the website. >> yes, >> thank you so much. congratulations. >> thank you. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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it's intelligent enough to warn of danger from virtually anywhere. it's been smashed, dropped and driven. it's perceptive enough to detect other vehicles on the road. it's been shaken, rattled and pummeled. it's innovative enough to brake by itself, park itself and help you steer. it's been in the rain... the cold... and dragged through the mud. introducing the all-new mercedes-benz gle.
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>> when the pope comes to visit later this month, you expect the city to pull out the stops. >> indeed. mark got the oven side excusive. >> this is for you and welcome to new york. >> welcome. >> steps from union square, this
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this is the owner. >> it's very exciting. >> he's originally from napples italy. a few months ago when one of his good friends back home took a leap of faith, it was an inspiration. >> roberto. >> his friends from pizzeria became an instant internet sensation. by hopping the barricade and handing the pete at that to pope francis and smile. >> you gave me a great good. >> you gave him the pizza right in front of your restaurant, right? >> right. >> he won't be attempting such a
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but he's a pizza man on a mission. they were going to go from his pizza to a nonprofit organization here in new york to help fight anger in new york city. >> however you slice it, this pizza and its mission inspired by the pope. near union square, news 4 new york. >> for complete details on the pope's visit, head to our website nbcney >> teachers doing a double take
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as they head back to class. >> back to school times two in one district. we'll tell you why there's a lot of double talk going on. >> before we go to break tiffany smith joining us with your fandango weekend ticket. >> so there are two big movies opening up this weekend. the comedy walk in the woods and the action movie transit porter refuelled. first up is a walk in the woods based off a true story. he's a guy who doesn't want to sit back in his retirement and wants adventure hiking the trail. this one is super sweet and has way more kmeed rancic moments than i expected. >> this is the fourth film in the franchise and kicks off a new trilogy. this one has got everything you would expect from a transit porter movie. awesome cars, great scenery and
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tons of action. what stands out in the father son interaction. let's see what your fandango fans are buzzing about. here are this week's scores. that's what's going on at the movies this week. for today in new york, i'm tiffany smith. a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions.
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can i get a medium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment.
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morning and welcome back to today in new york. i'm carrie berry in for gus rosendale. >> 68 and it's not humid. that's a big sticking point or nonstek nonsticking on this day. raphael is here with a quick look at the forecast. >> early on a saturday morning, nice. your shore cast is tricky because we're dealing with the risk of rip currents. folks are going to be getting the last beach get away. now it's quiet and not dealing
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with any rain. going to be a quiet picture all day long. temperatures back in the 70s. 78 in ocean city. waves 3-4 feet on the ocean. choppy today and winds out of the east breezy 10-20 miles an hour. water temperatures still mild. in fact, this is as mild as it gets around here. mid-to upper 70s. there's a high risk for rip currents especially for the jersey shore. all the way down the jersey shore high risk for deadly rip currents. new york city, moderate risk for rip currents as well. these could happen all day today any time. make sure you stay with the life guard. take a look at the 7-day forecast and the next heat wave coming your way in a few. >> thank you. now to an nbc news exclusive. hillary clinton talking about the subject that's largely stole the attention of her white house
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that's the use of private e-mail for official government business. >> i was not thinking a lot when i got in. there was so much work to be done and so many problems around the would recall. i didn't really stop and think. >> hillary clinton told andrea mitchell she's sorry this has turned into a controversy and confused the voters. she didn't directly apologize. >> are you sorry? do you want to apologize to the american people for the choice you made? >> well, it wasn't the best choice. the people in the government knew i was using a personal account but it would have been better if i had two separate counts to begin with. >> clinton added once the campaign runs its course she can add what's been said is act
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joe bide rn wouldn't comment. >> are you familiar with general? he runs the forces. >> yes, okay. right. do you expect? >> i think by the way they have been horribly mistreated. >> not the kurds. the bad guys. >> so that was trump on the radio show. he later slammed hut for his foreign policy questions. >> i thought he said kurds. it's the third radio announcer like got you, got you. every question was do i know this one and that one. he worked hard on that. >> hut will face trump again when he asks questions in the next g.o.p. debate.
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crisis in europe. >> volunteers handing out food and water as they arrive. hungarian officials shut down the rail service and refused the migrants permission to board the trains trains trains. some of them had to board. others decided to walk. they walked for hours along the highway to try to reach the border of austria. >> james yates and williams smith became the first gay couple in the country to get a marriage license. two other same sex cup ms also received marriage licenses yesterday. this comes as county clerk kim davis remains in jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses.
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license issued yesterday are invalid. everyone gathered last night to honor an 8-year-old boy killed by a hit and run driver. >> eight is too young the retire a football jersey. friday evening jermaine was honored. his father spoke to the crowd of more than a hundred. >> it's been tough. >> jermaine was crossing the street back in june when he was hit by two cars. one driver stayed and the other fled. the investigation is still on going and waiting for justice has been agonizing for the family. >> my boy use to be with me a lot. >> jermaine's parents told us
6:32 am
because he loved his team more than anything. >> it was very important. we loved it. >> loved sports, loved school. he was a wonderful kid. >> after the memorial we saw jermaine senior take a moment to comfort his best friend. >> what do you tell him? it's going to be all right. he's would you say. he's going to stay in his heart. he's on the football field 24-7. >> his family has another reason to fight. they want the city to add speed bumps to the street where he was killed. >> new information about a small plane crash out of new jersey. crews removed wreckage from a field about 24 hours after the crash. authorities identified the pilots in that aircraft as eric pearson and jack rodeman. they're recovering from serious injuries at the hospital. they are volunteers for the
6:33 am
routine patrol when the plane's engine failed. sources tell us two wires appear to have been cut. they crashed in some trees and avoided hitting anyone on the ground. >> a teacher arrested for crashing a drone at the u.s. open could be back in the classroom when students head back to school. he turned himself in yesterday, one day after the drone crashed. police said he had been flying the drone outside the stadium. he is a teacher at the academy of innovative technology in cyprus hills. he's free this morning with a hearing scheduled later this month. education officials are holding off on disciplinary actions. coming up after the break, did you know the city dweller? how do you know if he's getting enough exercise? >> good question. what to look out for and how to
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keep fido fixed.
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>> yesterday was the worst. i was waiting all day for the humidity to go away. temperatures are down. 50s in some suburbs. nice change after the heat wave ended yesterday. we're back to the 80s later on today. sunshine coming our way as well. there's a lookout side right now. nice and dry and temperatures come if i. 68 degrees. room temperature. partly cloudy skies and the best part is the humidity is way down. let's take a look at storm tracker. it's a high pressure weekend. we're not going to see a whole lot of activity.
6:36 am
temperatures in the 60s now in jersey city. 67 degrees for you. starting your day in the mid-60s and we see the delightful 50s. 56 degrees. 62 in white plains and bottoming out in the 50s. look at the sunshine. bring your shades and sunscreen. 80 degrees. enjoy a great day at the matches. let's see about your get away forecast. down the jersey shore beach day, beach day, beach day. 70s to low 80s warming up gradual gradually. look at all the sun. this is a perfect way to say good-bye to the summer. beautiful weather were for the hamptons. low 80s monday, labor day. we're going to keep it going.
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cat skills, hudson valley. warm raies today. 82 degrees, up to 86 tomorrow and near 90. that's where you start to feel the heat. low 90s and the humidity also inches up day by day. 81 for your high. we're not worried about a change. taking a look at the 7-day forecast, temperatures in the low 90s with higher humidity. uncomfortable and it gets stormy as a cold front cools us down. you want to stay up to date with the news 4 app. you can see the latest forecast, interactive radar and your own weather video. the news 4 app for iphone is available in the app store now. >> thank you. at the dind garten city in long
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island there's 11 sets of twins. what are they drinking out there? what's in the water? news 4 checks out twindergarten what we're calling. >> lin brook school officials can't help seeing double to start this new school year. >> this is our first time having 11 sets of twins. identical girls. we have fraternal girl sets of twins, fraternal boy twins. >> and all the upcoming classes. only a higher power could really explain this. >> it was a little surprising to see how many sets of twins in one breed we have. >> lynn brook did see seven septembers of twins here four years ago. as with all kindergarteners, these 5-year-olds are still getting use to a new routine. probably for the first time in their lives the twins are being separated with each being sent
6:39 am
to a different class. >> it's important for them to establish their own independence and not relying on their twin. >> do you miss your brother during the day? >> no. >> separation anxiety, it depends on who you ask. >> my sister, she always loves me. >> you would think it would approximate hard for the teachers to keep track of all the names. fortunately, there's only one set of identical twins. telling them apart will get easier as their personalities develop. watching that happen will be the fun part. greg, today in new york. >> 11 sets, oh my word. it is time for this morning's pet profile. how do you know if your dog is getting enough exercise? nancy is here to explain it's not the amount of exercise your pet gets but the quality of it.
6:40 am
let's talk a little bit about the symptoms that your dog may show if he or she is not getting enough exercise. what do they do? >> they all have bad behavior. they start to bark and scratch and dig. urinating inside. hyperactivity are all signs. aggressive predatory behavior. >> exactly. up at night is a key indicate or. >> you get an idea. if your dog should be a couch potato and getting a little older and ramping it up, that's key you need to get your dog outside. you see people running with their dogs and that's not always necessarily the best thing to do, right. >> it is not. it's a great idea but most of the time dogs in the wild only have short bursts of intense aerobic activity like that. if you like to run with your dog, let them stop and sniff.
6:41 am
that's like reading the news paper for them. >> what else? >> actually, inside activities, a car, a lot of mental activities. fetch. one of the biggest misconceptions is if you have a large backyard and your dog is sitting out there and getting exercise, it's about the engagement with you. they want to play interactive games. fetch, it makes everybody happy and healthy. >> they want to be stimulated. >> they need us. >> all right. we're going to introduce you to a couple of dogs. first, let's talk about this little fellow. >> this is monte. monte is a boy, he's 2-years-old and he's described as the per forget beginner cat. he's cuddly and friendly and easy to be with. he's available on an event we're having on the upper east side
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starting from 12-4:00 and the puppy i'm holding will be at that event. look what i'm holding, it's a four-year four-month-old baby. >> she's interested in the cat right now. 80th and 2nd. we're thinking a beagle, tier your mix of the two. this is ranger available on 110th street. adoptions start at 11:00. this is a super friendly adorable fun little dog named ranger available today at 11:00 on 110th street. he's freckled and fun. >> guys, thank you so much for being here. good luck today. if you have any questions or
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information you can find it at
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there's a california accompany recalling cucumbers. >> there was a salmanella outbreak and it killed several. officials think they may be the cause of the 200 cases. the cdc is investigating. >> meanwhile, kraft h.nes is expanding its recall of kraft singles.
6:45 am
in addition to the 36,000 recalled in late july. it covers one, three and four pound packages of american cheese product. >> all right. it's 6:51. why don't we go across the street to check in with erika and peter. >> nice to see you both this morning chth just ahead on a saturday morning on today, live in kentucky. tensions there continue to run high in morning. a county clerk refuses to issue marriage license to same sex couples. what's next in this stand off? this morning we'll ask our attorney. >> hillary clinton back on the campaign trail a day after offering a public apology about the e-mail con tro troversy. we'll also hear an exclusive interview. >> plus a daring mission for a lead group of firefighters in alaska. the frontlines with the smoke
6:46 am
jumpers as they battle the dangerous blazes. >> also, could one of world's most wanted men be brought down by a social media post. why a lot of people saying a tweet sent by his son could be a clue as to where the escaped drug lord is hiding. you can imygine the family dinner table there. >> a little bit of tension maybe. >> daggers. >> for sure. all right. >> all right. we'll see you in a little bit. coming up next at 6:30 on today in new ork, a puppet of some sort.
6:47 am
they have been shocking audiences on broadway for months! now a couple of puppets shocking tourist at times square. they are stars of the play hand
6:48 am
topless performers who pose for photos, for tips, of course. they're real women who walk around topless and risk becoming a fire for the panhandle. this week, a topless joline took a much slighter approach. >> there's lots of wild stuff that happens in times square but we want to remind the public that there's amazing quality theater just steps away from knees naked ladies. >> indeed. it's not illegal to be topless in newvyork, we should mention. that's awesome. but recently, mayor de blasio formed a task force to come up with ways to foretell the activity. it's unclear where this lady fits in the hole equation. we'll keep you posted certainly. >> her buttons were well placed. >> yes, they were. high fashion is going high-tech
6:49 am
researchers have technology that can respond to your voice. researchers already made sure they can be wirelessly controlled to change colors while you wear it. they say wearable technology has been emerging industry. >> we want you to expand the range and the capabilities of those second scheme kin. your clothing would be like skekd skin. you can get information in your clothing and jacket. >> the researchers are looking at ntegrating technology into the actual fibers clothing is de of hich is crazy. how do you wash them? >> that's another good question. >> dry clean only. don't get caught in the rain. >> we'll put it in google. >> we'll be right back with a final check of your weekend forecast. you are watching today in new
6:50 am
it's been an amazing summer. it's sad to see it go but might as well send it off in a beautiful way, right. i'm talking about the weekend.
6:51 am
stlee three days at a time. 85 and you have to watch out for rip currents. there's a high risk for deadly rip currents today for the jersey shore especially with the easterly wind. you have to watch out for those. something to keep in mind all weekend long. temperatures are on the rise. labor day monday, that's another beach day. 90 degrees and hot and sunny. that's when the humidity inches back up as well. tuesday and thursday hazy, hot and humid and the weather were continues. >> humid stuff. >> we have a lot of it. >> thank you for delivering. all right. thank you for joining us for this hour of today in new york. we'll be back here at 9:00 our regular time in weekend. >> that's when produce pete joins us tips. >> we're going to be testing
6:52 am
good morning. not backing down. the county clerk in kentucky who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples still behind bars this morning. her attorney says she won't quit her job or turn away from her religious beliefs. pillow fight gone wrong. the pillow fight to let off steam left many bloody and injured. why is the school only ac sknowledging it now? in plain sight? the son of the drug king pin el chapo may have given away his hiding spot. we have all lost. toenm brady speaking out for the first time since deflategate suspension was overturned
6:53 am
nfl quashing the case. and brady gets set for the st tart of the nfl season today, saturday, september 5th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from stusio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ec>> welcome to "today." i'm erica hill. >> i'm peter alexander alongside dylan dreyer and sheinelle jones. this nfl case is messing up a lo of fantasy football teams. and tom brady said he is ready to play football. >> dylan? >> i said let's he see how it plays out in court. we're good to go. moving on. >> we'll get to the top story.
6:54 am
natttionwide about the rule of law versus religious freedom. we reported the county clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples and won't let her deputies do it either. she remains behind bar. we will get to her attorneysin a 40 moment, but let's go to nbc's sarah dallof. >> reporter: she has been doing bible study in the jail behind me and she is prepared to stay there for as long as it takes. ay defiant kim davis, behind bars. her husband says she will not quit as rowan county clerk. a judge declined to put the co cntempt order on hold while davis's attorney filed an appeal.
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the couples finally got their
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